This is a perfect example of dedication and commitment!


Jordan McCabe of Issaquah, Wa is already a basketball super star at the ripe old age of 12. Here he demonstrates his phenomenal basketball talents on KOMO news segment Little Heroes. What high school coach wouldn’t want this kid on the team!

Jordan McCabe – 12 Year Old Basketball Prodigy And Phenom

In today’s world of immediate gratification, what separates the outstanding and successful from the average or unsuccessful is the willingness to go the distance.

I can assure you that there are plenty of talented athletes and performers; however, persistence and commitment will always out shine the talent. Gifted or talented individuals may fail long term because things came easier to them. When you have to do the extra, you have some “sweat” invested in the results.

For me, growing up I wanted to compete and play with my brothers and their friends. I had to work hard being younger and a girl but this proved to my advantage in life later. Lesson learned: never say never and always give 100%.

You will find strength in your desire and determination to achieve. Challenges are part of life. Success involves doing what others won’t.


When was the last time you were truly passionate about something? Remember the emotions involved and effort and time involved? Anything of any real value takes time. Life itself takes 9-months; schooling through high school 12 years, add on more for college and masters programs.

Imagine being as passionate as this boy is about basketball with your health. Instead of just saying “I’m going to get in shape”, you take action and stayed committed by doing the small daily things to improve your Quality of Life.

I’d call that having a zest for life and you know what, I have it and you can too. Join me; take my 90-day Wellness Challenge with TCOY for the Health of it!

"An effective coach is someone who makes you do what you don’t want to do so you can become what you want to become." ~Tom Landry



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