This weekend, while listening to the radio, I heard an interview regarding “bed bugs”. If you have not heard, apparently, there is great concern about the spread of these pests and many are calling it an “epidemic” especially in NYC and the hotel industry and colleges.

After reading this and viewing the videos provided below, you’ll probably instinctively start scratching from the mere thought of these bugs; however, I felt the information was insightful. Therefore, for everyone’s benefit here are some notes that I made:

  • Bedbugs are small insects with 6 legs
  • They feed on blood (typically human blood)
  • They live only indoors and you are their host / food source
  • No boundaries: rich/poor; clean or dirty – they can set up home anywhere
  • Be aware of common transporter that have been set down in infected areas: purses, brief cases, luggage, etc
  • They are nocturnal and like dark, tight places (seams)
  • They can move between walls, hide in electrical sockets and phone jacks
  • An adult bedbug is approximately the size of an apple seed
  • They move very fast and again, like dark, warm and tight places
  • Many people may not be effected by the bites but typical spots where you will notice bites are exposed areas during sleep: arms, neck and face
  • Heat kills the eggs and bugs (120 degrees…dryer or household steamer)

What and where to look for …

  • Upon entering a hotel room, it is recommended that you set your suitcase on the suitcase rack provide and place it away from the wall (do not set things on the bed or in the drawers…you could bring them home with you).
  • Inspect the mattress and box spring. The bugs will hide quickly, look for black spots, usually clusters of 3; this is not fecal droppings but actually dried blood spots. Check the seams, the label area and behind the head board
  • A helpful video demonstration:
  • A short over-view: – You can use Google for more video’s.
  • A website for more information:

I wish you good health and a good night sleep. Don’t let the bed bugs bite!




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