What’s making us sick?

Like a puzzle, there are many pieces to good health; unfortunately, convenience and cost have lead many down the wrong path. Things may not seem like they matter; however, time will reveal the truth.

A book I highly recommend is: Never Be Sick Again by Raymond Francis.

The overview: The author believes (and I agree) there is only one disease “cellular malfunction” and two causes “toxicity or deficiencies” with six different pathways “nutrition, physical, psychological, toxins, genetics or medical”. Think about it…doesn’t this make sense? Seriously!

As a wellness coach, I can’t emphasis enough how we a determining our health by our lifestyle and habits/choices. TCOY is not just a business name Take Care of You is a philosophy and way of life. No one can do HEALTH for you. If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live? Action is required.


Did you ever hear the phrase, you may have WON the fight but LOST the war? There is a war going on right now with our health and we face battles everyday. We’re maxed out with stress (emotional, physical and financial) and ignore our body’s cries for help (symptoms).

In addition; the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry are two major culprits which pry on us. They are in business to keep you buying their products – if you stop, they lose customers. Have you seen or heard of the movie “

Pharma is not in business of health, curing, wellness and healing. They are in the sick-care business; treatments bring in big revenue. Do you think they really want cures when disease keeps the revenue flowing?

Chronic disease is at epidemic levels. We are blessed to have drugs; however, it is NOT the answer to achieving “good health”; instead utilize them for a crisis, emergency or temporary help. Our society has been flooded and brainwashed by the pharmaceutical ads.

Below is information about cell phones and radiation. Again, time will tell…I’m just sharing information. Be informed, Self educate and be pro-active…your health is my business! TCOY!

Devra Davis, PhD, Professor of Epidemiology (study of disease) at the University of Pittsburgh, Graduate School of Public Health, writes in her book Disconnect that exposure to radiation from cell phones has been linked to DNA damage, memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and reduced sperm count. According to an article written in the New York Times, “The largest study of cell phone use and brain cancer has been the Interphone International Case Control Study (50 scientists from 13 countries, 14,000 test subjects, $30 million in funding costs)…The authors included some disturbing data in an appendix available only online. These showed that subjects who used a cell phone 10 or more years doubled the risk of developing brain gliomas, a type of tumor.” The study states that “heavy” users of cell phones are at greatest risk of developing brain tumors. FYI, heavy cell phone use was defined in the study as using a cell phone for a total of 2 hours per month!

Certain countries in Europe, concerned about cell phone safety in children (a child’s skull bone is not as thick as an adults and can absorb more radiation) have banned cell phone use for children under 13 years of age. Many cell phone companies actually contain warnings written in their package inserts letting people know that the phones should be kept a certain distance from the head. Apple’s iPhone and Blackberry are two such companies.

Dr. Joe Mercola from the Wellness Institute in Chicago recommends the following cell phone safety tips: Children should avoid using cell phones for the reasons stated above. Cell phone usage should be limited to important matters or emergencies. Use a land line at home or work. Use your cell phone only where the reception is good, the weaker the signal the more radiation is emitted. Turn your cell phone off when not in use. Whenever the cell phone is on radiation is emitted, so keep the cell phone away from the body when it is on. Use the speaker mode, the farther the phone is away from your body, the better it is. Use the safest headset technology available. Wired headsets help keep the cell phone away from the body, but the wire must be “shielded” for protection. The wire shield blocks radiation from traveling the wire to your head. Cell phones are extremely convenient and seem to be a necessity in today’s society. By adhering to these cell phone safety steps, you can protect your health, as well.

Thought for the Week: I like my new telephone, my computer works just fine, my calculator is perfect, but Lord, I miss my mind! – Author Unknown

Cell phone excerpt from: Chiropractic Lifestyle Center


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