Focus on things that really matter over time…say I love you by showing you care about health and well-being.

1) My TCOY Wellness Consultation & Coaching – I’m extending a complimentary ($79 value) phone consultation through the end of 2010. ALSO, I’m including: one-time special offer on my personal coaching. Commit to my TCOY 90-Day Challenge to improve your health, weekly check-ins, and receive ONE MONTH FREE! *Reply before 12/25/10 at / 913-709-6059.

2) OsoLean powder …who doesn’t want to be leaner? Let’s target in on those unwanted inches! Are you tired of unsuccessful results when it comes to weight loss? Trust me, O-So-Lean works; I urge you to take the OsoLean Challenge and experience the benefits of healthy weight loss! SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER: Order by December 24th, BUY ONE canister and get ONE FREE!!! This is a perfect time to order folks…don’t miss out, contact me for ordering assistance.

3) Good health is inside and out. How are you taking care of your face? The “LIFT” SKIN CARE PRODUCTS provides a noticeable difference after the first use. Many people comment about my skin and I’m quick to share my secrets. See offer #1; plus, I’d highly recommend trying at least a week sample of LIFT.

From coaching to products and book recommendations…your health is my business. TCOY …for the Health of it!


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