…”Being Prepared”

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“Being Prepared”

With winter upon us, there is a greater importance on being prepared for Mother Nature as she brings ice, snow and the bitter cold.

Winston Churchill said, “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. Being spontaneous can be fun and exciting in many situations; however, if you are setting out to accomplish a goal the better prepared you are the more confidence you will have and you will achieve better results.

My daughter is now experiencing the challenges involved with owning a car during the winter months.

Until recently she’s had the comfort of being driven from place to place – picked-up and dropped off in a nice warm car.

Last week, our temperatures dropped below freezing for the first time this winter. Having heard the weather forecast the night before, I prepared a “winter survival bag” for her that included a couple pairs of gloves, hats, scarf and an ice-scrapper.

I set down with her and went over some of the basics: keep this bag in your car during the winter; put an extra coat and blanket in the trunk; give yourself extra driving time; always keep your gas tank above the half tank; start your car a few minutes before you are ready to leave to warm it up and defrost the windows. In short – be prepared!

She learned a valuable lesson the next morning. She neglected to warm up her car before leaving and learned just how long it takes to scrape the frost from her windshield.

This lesson about being prepared came with a small cost – a few minutes of her time and some frustration.

Goals are achieved through the efforts of commitment and planning. In my opinion, there is no greater movie to demonstrate the emotion and power of being prepared than .

Every day we make lifestyle choices by either preparing for good health and longevity or neglecting and abusing our body, thus setting in motion disease and premature aging.

Perhaps you’ve heard the comment. “If I’d known I’d live this long, I’d taken better care of myself”. The choice of regret or discipline will reveal itself over time. Which are you choosing? You can start a new journey today.

Winter is a beautiful season to enjoy, especially if you are prepared.

Your life offers so much potential don’t be held back by neglect and abuse.

Wishing you and your family a very ! Reach out to bless others in need of TLC!

Until next month…TCOY!



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