At this time of year, the challenge to maintain or lose weight seems to be the ultimate test of will-power and time constraints (so little time, so many errands and places to be). Take heart my friend…below are some of my tips to help you enjoy the holidays while maintaining your health and figure.

Tip #1

Prioritize your day and make certain MOVEMENT is involved and in the top five. I understand how busy life is and getting to the gym might not fit in to your already tight schedule. So…how can you keep it a priority? Simple: take the stairs instead of the elevator; park your vehicle farther away at work, shopping stores, grocery story, etc.; walk during work breaks; go up and down your home steps during TV commercials. Seriously, it’s EASY to do…but it’s also EASY NOT to do. Exercise release endorphines and sets in motion many positive effects from mental clarity, de-stressing to weight loss and improved health. Only YOU can do it for YOU!

Tip #2

Grazing on treats has a price. The price shows up later in your health and on the scale. So…everytime you snack on something that is unhealthy in terms of mega calories or sugar, make a $1 (or whatever amount will make you stop and think) donation to your “I’m gonna regret this later” cannister. I’m not suggesting you eliminate and don’t enjoy treats, just do it in moderation, be aware of your actions and even better, get an accountability partner…this will work well for both of you for support. FACT: When we put a financial cost to our actions, we become more responsible.

Tip #3

If you are going to a holiday party or event…eat before you go. I know you probably just rolled your eyes and said “what?” however, this is great advice. Going to the FEAST hungry will be your downfall, as your eyes will engage in a frenzy and portion control will go out the window. By having planned ahead, you can enjoy a sampling of the array of food set before you without indulging. Again, moderation and food choices are the key during the holidays. Enjoy the company and conversations away from the food; otherwise, the temptation will be too great.

Tip #4

Drink up! Water that is…I realize it may not sound very festive but H2O is your body’s #1 friend. Without it, you won’t survive and with it you will thrive. See the attached e-news segment below for more insight. If your thinking, I don’t like the taste of water…we should talk further. I’ll provide further information to you as well as give you my recommendation on the water unit that I use.


There are times when our body needs something extra to aid in weight loss and appetitie control. I highly recommend the product “OsoLean© powder”. I’ve been using it for over two years and am thrilled with the results I’ve seen for myself and my clients. The patent peptide technology is what makes it so unique; in addition, science supports and validates this in studies. Learn more from Dr. Sinnott: OsoLean Information link. *Special Offer during the holiday: Buy One get One Free!!! The offer is too good not to take advantage of. Sets the question in motion: What have YOU got to LOSE?

Lifestyle thought to ponder: “It’s not what you eat between Thanksgiving and Christmas; rather what you eat between Christmas and Thanksgiving.”

TCOY is more than a businessness name, it’s a philosophy and way of life. As a Wellness Coach and Mentor, I’m here to assist you on your journey to creating a Wellness mindset and lifestyle…for the Health of it!

Let’s do Wellness Together…


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