Happiness is…

2010 2009

Happiness is when an idea becomes a REALITY!


In 2009, an idea was put on my heart. I couldnt deny it. The passion was too great. Anyone who knows me, knows passion and enthusiasm are two words at my core being. The idea was to create an event that would be multi-faceted and tweak the overly commercialized and sugar-high Halloween holiday. What happened to the good ol days when it was fun to dress up in simple, typically home-made or thrown together costumes and hang out with friends and family? With pillow cases full of candy, we are setting our children up for a host of health issues (dental, diabetes, obesity, etc).

My vision being to:

1) get the excessive candy collected out of the house (both for the kids and the adultsthe temptation is too great);

2) show we care and miss those serving by paying it forward: sending care-packages overseas to our troops;

3) extra bonus was receiving pictures from Afghanistan of the troops sharing with the Afghani children;

4) also, an opportunity for the kids to share and send notes of appreciation and support to our US Military;

5) create an annual community event full of fun and with multiple purposes / benefits;

6) improve Quality of Life: body, mind and spirit! TCOY is a philosophy and way of life.

7) promote a Wellness Mindset & Lifestyle by encouraging everyone to think moderation and GET ACTIVE! Provide an assortment of sponsors with activity cards and coupons in exchange for the candy (bowling, ice skating, karate, gym, swim, racquetball, miniature golf, etc) along with TCOY Wellness consultations, nutritional supplement information & guidance, ID chip for childrens safety, Wellness Minded Doctors including: Dentists, Chiropractors, Durrie Vision, Orthodontics, Massage Therapist and Physical Therapist. Along with face painting, a military soldier for photo opportunities and moreeach year adding more ideas.

I knew this could truly impact a lot of lives and bring families as well as communities together. It would be a grassroots effort and I was willing to put my heart and soul into making it happen.

Heres a quote which encouraged and inspired me: ‎"Go after a dream that is destined to fail without divine intervention." Mark Batterson

Looking forward to watching the Tweak the Treat grow and expanding not only in different areas in the US but sharing the message abroad with our troops in other cultures. Thank you for sharing my visioneverything starts with an idea followed by action. Live, Love & Laugh


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