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How often to we ASSUME and find ourselves totally wrong? My focus this month will be to discuss the error in assuming.

Have you found yourself on the receiving end of someone’s frustration or anger only to find out that it was from them assuming something erroneously?

Our legal field is overflowing with cases and many of them are intertwined facts, emotions and assumptions. Clarity is something we all could improve upon and this comes from asking questions before assuming.

The dictionary defines “assume” as: to take as true or take for granted; to suppose as fact without verification or proof.

The website is resource to verify and validate fact from rumors. If you’ve never used this site, I recommend you Bookmark it.

How about the old phrase “You can’t judge a book by its cover”. So much of life today is caught up in looks or what others think. Rather than working on the INSIDE and developing one-self, marketing sets out to exploit and have us believe we “need” to buy their stuff or image to be happy. What a false and empty lie that is. Look at Tiger Woods, Brittney Spears, or a host of others who may appear to have “everything”, so one could assume, but their lives are in turmoil.

A wonderful movie that really brings this home is with Robert De Niro. I highly recommend it as this family finally reveals the truth about their lives to their widowed father.

In a world of make-up artists and computer photo-shop, people are filled with visions of unrealistic and false images and pictures to compare themselves by. This leads to depression and anxiety for many because they assume they are failures or outcasts. WRONG! Here’s a song I believe everyone should listen to. It’s by Johnny Diaz called Beautiful You (click on the title to listen to the song).

I’m still dealing with some e-mail technical issues and have learned during this crisis not to assume my e-mails go through. My Outlook went on vacation and did not tell me. Talk about frustrating. I didn’t realize there were so many connections necessary in order for an email out to be received: A SIMPLE FLOAT CHART. If you’re like me and utilize e-mail a lot, this creates major problems.

A Final thought…are you assuming you are healthy because you’re not sick? Don’t…50% of people will die from their first symptom of heart disease…a stroke. Wellness is about vitality and I’d love to assist you in improving your health!

Enjoy the seasons of your life…remember, your reap what you sow ~ May you have an abundant harvest. Happy Autumn!

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