Below is a letter I wrote to the Chief of Police after an incident in KC. Two thumbs up for the protection and service they provided!

Chief James Corwin,

I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge outstanding service and performance by a few of your bicycle patrol KC Police Officers. This was my first experience with a crime scene and I was so impressed with the KC officer’s dedication to serve and protect.

On Monday, August 16, 2010, myself and two of my girlfriends were in the River Market Loft area at approximately 10pm or shortly thereafter. It was a beautiful night and we decided to drive down there. We parked our car in a well-lighted parking area across from the lofts. There were no other cars parked in the lot. We walked around a little and took some pictures; we were standing approximately 50-60 feet from our locked car which was just across the street from the building we were standing at.

Suddenly, we were startled by the sound of a loud noise and voices; followed with the sound of bikes hitting the ground and another loud noise, more shouting voices. Next a black man is running in front of us down the street hollering out “Don’t shoot, I’ve got kids”. An officer chased after him on foot and was then followed by another one on his bike. We didn’t have a clue what had just happened. It was all so surreal; yet, it was obvious the officers were pursuing a criminal. We were shaken by this and decided to get in our car and leave the area for our safety.

We walked down to our car and found a running vehicle pulled up beside our passenger side. We found broken glass from our passenger side window and his driver’s side window all over the ground along with our purses. By the grace of God, these two bicycle police officers had saved us from having our purses stolen and an enormous amount of stress and emotions. They acted quickly and professionally when they came upon the crime in action. A matter of seconds made all the difference; otherwise the criminal would have fled in the stolen vehicle with not only our purses and identity but in his car there were a number of others purses , a laptop computer and other property he had stolen just minutes before on the side street of that same block. These officers wasted no time in acting and attempting to stop the crime. I can’t imagine putting one’s life at risk to help another but I saw first hand how committed and dedicated officers are. We see them as our angels that night…and we told them so.

The two bicycle Police Officers were: Villafiant and Saneifor. I hope we got their names right. There partners who later helped as well were: Kouger and Meythater. The event was very emotional for us and yet they were all so comforting and handled the situation so well. Again, we truly felt blessed by the timing of it all and how quickly it all happened and the fact that they were able to catch the guy in the act and chase him down as he tried to escape. Our hero’s!

This event has not gone unnoticed or forgotten. I’ve since posted my admiration for the KC Police on my Facebook and have told endless people about the situation and how wonderfully it was handled. In addition, I’m now educating and advising everyone not to leave anything of value in their vehicles, even for a few minutes. The fact that this criminal pulled up in a stolen car, broke the window and could have fled the scene in a matter of 10 or 15 seconds was a real eye opener. So I’m getting the word out and hopefully this will help to prevent future break in situations. We were so fortunate in so many ways and I wanted to be sure and thank these officers once again for their valiant efforts that night.

One of the detectives also pointed out it’s a good thing to put valuables in the trunk BEFORE you arrive at your destination. Otherwise, if someone is watching you, they will know what’s in the trunk and simply break a window and hit the trunk release which is located inside most modern cars. Times are tough and crime will happen. I’m wiser from this situation which could have been much, much worse. In happened in a blink…lesson learned and so much appreciation for the men and women in blue.

Thank you and the entire Police Department for your commitment to our community!

Lucy DelSarto

Olathe, KS


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