The Circle of Trust

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Let’s talk about TRUST…We are bombarded with advertisements and sales people every day trying to get us to buy, buy and buy. A great deal of money is spent doing research and marketing to get people to purchase items; mainly for the company’s profits because these are emotional buys not items people need. Our wants are typically always greater than our needs. There will always be someone trying to sell you something, but is it for their benefit or yours?

If you’re like me, you’re overwhelmed and tired of all the choices. All the information available to us via the internet can paralyze the decision process. Remember the Point Counter Point segment of the TV show 60 Minutes? Well, now we can multiply that 100 times with all the opinions and data available to us. The media is flooded with ads and infomercials so the question comes down to – Who do you trust?

The world needs more people like George Bailey from of the movie starring Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed.

I’m looking for a used car for my teenage daughter and when buying a used vehicle, there’s a lot of unknowns. Since this is definitely not an area where I have much knowledge on, we are putting our trust in my family and friends to help us on this journey. Sadly, Ive come across a couple of scams on Craig’s List and wonder how many people have been victims of them. The phrase “Buyer Beware” is more important now than ever.

On the brighter side, I am now blessed with 20/20 vision again after having Lasik Eye Surgery in July. This enhancement followed my initial Lasik surgery back in 1998. Having worn glasses or contact lens since fifth grade, I researched and trusted my eyes to Dr. Durrie of DurrieVision. This was a huge step for mehuge because Im a visual learner and my eye sight is by far my most important sense. However, because my vision was dimensioning (part of the aging process), encouraged me to take action.

A brief insight into my eye sight history. My first attempt to wear contacts was at age sixteen. I let anxiety and fear get the better of me. Not knowing what to expect, elevated by my fears of the unknown, when the eye doctor put the contact in my eye, I blacked out (awake full of panic) and then I vomited. My mind was running wild and my emotions got the best of me. What if they cant get them out? What if they get stuck in the back of eye? I didn’t know. There was definitely a lack of trust with this eye doctor who failed to explain what I should expect and reassure me.

Dr. Durrie and his staff are very knowledgeable and definitely understand the concerns and anxiety a person has about eye surgery. I have 100% confidence in them. A trust which provided me with the foundation I needed to have these surgeries and improve my Quality of Life. Inspiration or desperation are the two driving forces in decision making and change. I was a combination of both, I wanted to regain my optimal vision and Dr. Durrie’s experience and reputation qualifies him as the best in my eyes (pun intended, lol). If you have any interest in Lasik or cataract surgery, contact me. Ill give you some valuable information and share my story with you.

Every day we trust our lives to other people, whether we realize it or not. If we are driving, we trust the vehicle to stop and go when we push the pedal (thus trusting those who assembled and those who have worked on the vehicle); if we are flying, we trust the pilots and crew; if we are eating out, we trust those who are preparing our food and in general, those who grew the food, processed it and shipped it; if our children are in school or daycare, we are trusting those people with our closest and most loved treasures. So you see, trust is a necessity in our lives.

As the economy has become more challenging, I believe now more than ever, people are buying from and working with people they know they can trust. With less money to spend, its important to spend it wisely. A cheaper product or inexperience and/or a poor service provider will cost you more in the long run. Look for VALUE and QUALITY and people you can TRUST.

My focus is on WELLNESS not SICKNESS. Im here to help you in your quest for Optimal Health. Sadly, the western world focus more on how to deal with disease rather than improving health. Also, I would also strongly advise you to learn to trust you inner voice – it will guide you well. The song by Casting Crowns is one of my favorites; be sure and listen to the lyrics.

Utilize my TCOY Wellness Network of resources whenever you are looking for people and products of the highest quality and integrity. Ive been in the wellness business for three decades and word-of-mouth and referrals have been the heart of my thriving business. People buy and work with people they trust. You can trust me. Your health is my business J

Until next month…TCOY



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