Technically Difficulties

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Technical Difficulties…

Today’s technology is AMAZING! Everyone is communicating through devices, most that just a few generations ago didn’t exist. If a person wants to date themselves, all they have to do is mention their memories of rotary phones, party-lines or (which actually can be as fast or faster than texting and apparently is gathering interest again, Google it).

Recently, I attended a conference with a speaker talking on the subject of “Communication”. He mentioned that, unlike any other time in history, there are four generations in today’s workforce and it is important to realize how each prefers to communicate. It’s not that one is right and the others are wrong; it’s merely beneficial to understand how to communicate with each generation.

For example: people under 25 love to text; someone a generation older may prefer e-mail; while someone a still an older generation would pick up the phone and call. Different preferences for communicating, all involving technology; always interesting seeing things from a different perspective. If you have a teenager you’ll most likely be learning how to text if you haven’t already.

The month of June was a bizarre month for me in terms of technology. Everything decided to go funk on me. Here’s a list of everything that failed: my DVD/VCR player, my cell phone, the router for my home phone service, the mother board for my note-book/laptop and my e-mail account (Outlook Express). Seriously! Every form of technology I use to communicate basically shut down. Although everything has been replaced and I’m learning how to use a new touch screen phone, I am still challenged by my lack of understanding of how all this “technology stuff” works. It’s truly fascinating if you think about it (but I’m not a techy type person, I just want it to work) how much technology has advanced in just the last 20+ years!

My daughter attended church camp in June and although this included a ten hour bus trip each way, the teens weren’t allowed to bring their cell phones or I-pods, nor were they able to use the computer at the hotel (to check Facebook or whatever) for the five day trip. The idea was for the teens to communicate verbally with one another and enjoy the present moment without technology. I loved it! Counselors had their cell phones and parents could call the hotel and leave messages or talk before bed. I bet most adults would have a hard time giving up their technologies, but what a great way to chill out and truly get some peace and communicate with others.

A sign of the times…very funny YouTube video:  Everything is Amazing and no one is happy.

Technology changes our lives. The computer has changed our lives. Plastic has changed our lives. The way we manufacture our food supply has changed our lives. Change is a certainty in life. If you have not seen the movie FOOD INC., I’d recommend you take a moment and watch the trailer.   It’s very insightful about what is going on with our food supply.

A good change…people are starting a basic garden of tomatoes, herbs or other vegetables. The taste and nutrition from these plants is vastly different than what you get at the store and the fresher, the better for you! Our food chain has become over 90% processed. Although we may be going to bed with a full stomach, our bodies are mal-nourished. Even if you try to eat well, the food we eat is deficient due to the way it is grown, processed, stored and cooked.

Symptoms are signs of your body needing help. Is your body scream at you? Like a mechanical or technical issue, you can tweak it and improve the situation. Disease = DIS – EASE, the body is not at ease. My TCOY Challenge is to give your body a 90-day supply of quality supplements and work with me as your wellness coach. Let’s work together as a team and fuel your mind and body properly. The body’s basic needs are simple; however, most people are ignoring these needs. Support the body with REAL FOOD TECHNOLOGIES; learn the difference between what is helpful and what is necessary.

Improve your Quality of Life…for today and your future? Let’s do Wellness together…for the Health of it! What are you waiting for…a technical breakdown? This is your life; prioritize your health and TCOY!


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