Often I joke about wanting “Minute-RICE in 30 seconds”. It sums up our thought process so well because as a society we want immediate gratification. Life is really a series of events and choices over time. The good news: Although you can’t change your health overnight, you can change your DIRECTION! J

The fact is we are either moving toward WELLNESS or away from it every day via our habits and lifestyle. Over time, our disciplines or errors in judgment will either promote us or expose us. My focus is on helping people improve their Quality of Life one step at a time. By creating a wellness mindset and lifestyle, lives are transformed! Accountability is important because Wellness is “Easy to do, but also easy not to do”. Our world is full of many challenges, food choices, stress factors and it’s easy to be over-whelmed by it all. This is why having a mentor and coach who walks the walk is so crucial. You need someone you can trust and communicate with. Our medical world focuses on disease whereas, wellness focuses on promoting health. There’s a big difference in the two and a lot of money to be made in disease. Think about it! The healthcare system is a trillion dollar business based on sickness.

So, what are your priorities? Perhaps you have decided you must have a certain car, home, material items; these things depreciate in just a few years. Or, money spent on concerts or sports events which really don’t impact your life other than for a few hours of entertainment. Where are you spending your money? Wellness is an investment IN YOU. It’s really pennies on the dollar over time. It’s about perspective and understanding how daily choices impact your future. A very basic wellness program can be around the cost of a STARBUCKS coffee or gallon of gas. Fuel you BODY. I seriously just consider this as part of my food budget. Feel good, look good and paying it forward. It’s the gift you give yourself and those who love you. You are much more important than any “material thing”. Time with you is what they want. TCOY is more than my business phrase; it’s a way of life. Take Care of You!

Sadly, many people wait, ignore and abuse their body. Time passes and time is not their friend. A health crisis occurs. This not only is expense but could cost them their life!

Just for fun…the pictures below are me over a 25 years span of time. Where do you see yourself 5, 10, 20 years from now? Are you sick and tired of feeling like you’re best years are behind you. I’m talking about Quality of Life. The choice is yours, doing nothing is a choice too. Your Wellness Coach is ready and waiting for you to show up. Let’s talk!


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