My good friend and fellow Team Mannatech Athlete, Chip Townsend appeared on “America’s Got Talent” last night (June 2nd) and what an awesome performance. You can check it out on the America’s Got Talent Fanpage on FaceBook (location: Chapter 3 at 20:13). Join me in showing your support by leaving a comment on the fanpage.

Chip lost his eye at the age of TWO and went on to become a WORLD CLASS ATHLETE. He is a man of passion, commitment and integrity. We met many, many years ago via Team Mannatech and I’ve enjoyed our friendship and watching his family grow (3 wonderful children) and a beautiful wife who’s a Martial Arts studette in her own right! They own a do-jo in TX and are great mentors who utilize their sport to teach many lifeskills. Here’s a …(breaking boards, concrete and baseball bats…while having a broken arm, WOW!). If I’m going through a rough section of town, I want to have Chip around!

Both our families know the benefit of fueling the body properly along with the Mannatech products. The Real Food Technologies in these supplements are essential in our daily routine. Here’s a video consisting of a few and our Coach, Butch Johnson, former Dallas Cowboy, sharing some insight.

Also, I want to emphasis the fact we, the athletes, endorse these products because of what they’ve done for us. THEY WORK and help support our body’s nutritional needs; thereby, providing the edge we as athletes need and want to compete and perform. Visit TEAM MANNATECH website to read more on the clinical studies, products and athletes…click on “Meet the Team”.

Athletes push their body harder than anyone else but the stress of everyday life and our food industry impacts all of us. Supplementing is a key piece to Wellness. Follow those you can trust. I’m a call away…TCOY!


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