My focus has always been on Wellness and being healthy. I knew from the early age of around seven, I wanted to stay as healthy as possible so I could enjoy an active lifestyle all my life. Who enjoys being sick? No one! Avoiding sickness, the doctor’s offices and hospitals has always been my goal. To this day, the only time I’ve been hospitalized was to deliver my daughter. It’s not by chance but by lifestyle choices.

Over the years, I have witnessed our world’s health decrease and disease increase. We have an epidemic of chronic diseases and sadly many children are dealing with health issues including diabetes, asthma, allergies, cancer and heart disease. Our world has changed. Convenience has had a high price tag. People go to bed full but malnourished. Toxins are in our air, food and water…from the north to the south pole.

My passion is to educate and coach others on the gift of health; thereby enriching their Quality of Life. We’ve all had someone coach us in sports, music, business, finances or school. Doesn’t it make sense to have a role model when pursuing good health and explain why disease is occurring rather than merely addressing the symptoms? Wellness Coaching is about learning to be healthy and stay healthy in body, mind and spirit! There are many pieces to the equation; however, with a quality mentor and coach, success is merely a matter of time, commitment and discipline. Over the past 30 years, as an athlete, coach, mom and life long learning, I’ve done my research and enjoy mentoring Wellness.

One area which can impact your health tremendously is nutrition and diet. Unfortunately, the food and supplement industries have made it very challenging and complicated. Understanding food labels and ingredients can be overwhelming to anyone. The medical world may attempt to down play the importance of good nutrition. Why? There’s big $$$ in sickness not a lot of money in wellness. If you think wellness is expense consider the cost of sickness. One trip to the hospital with a stroke is an estimated $10,000! Cheap processed food has little if any nutritional value, and our body need good nutrition for fuel to operate optimally. The impact of poor nutrition is poor health. Poor health is draining financially, emotionally and physically. We need to think LONG TERM and understand that over 90% of disease are preventable. Are you waiting for a health crisis before you take action?

My hope is you join me on the Wellness Journey. Let me emphasis something: Health Insurance does NOT provide you health…it merely may pay for part of your sickness. Your future is being written by the lifestyle you’re living today. Though no one can go back and make a brand-new start, anyone can start now and make a better life.

I’m a proud member of TEAM MANNATECH. Enjoy this of a few of my Team Mannatech friends. We endorse the products because they have impacted our lives tremendously in our athletic performances, recovery and overall health. Are you ready to experience optimal health and have THE EDGE in health? Are you interested in learning more about how I’ve maintain such good health? Contact me for a personal phone consultation. In regards to supplements, as Independent Mannatech Associate, I will assist you and save you money on your orders. Visit my website and learn more about the athletes, the products and studies on the product at Team Mannatech.

SPECIAL NOTE: The Mannatech products are CLEAN and safe for all athletes (we have numerous Olympian and Professional Athletes utilizing the products). Mannatech® Anti-Doping Mission: Mannatech aggressively supports anti-doping principles. Mannatech’s product are formulated without any substances banned by major worldwide anti-doping agencies.


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