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“Driver’s Ed”

As usual, I take this opportunity each month to share a story about something going on in my life. This month, I will focus on drivers education because my daughter is currently taking the course.

Having a teenager offers much insight as well as hindsight. Maybe they should run for President since they “know it all at this age”, lol. We are all role models, whether you’re a parent or not. Although it may seem like they’re not listening or watching; they are. On occasion, they will even let you know. With the “driver’s ed’ class being a hot topic at our house, I’m now being watched with eagle eyes. “Mom, you didn’t put your turn signal on” or, “Mom how fast are you going?”

What about the questions that might be on the test like: Which side of the car is the engine battery? (I didnt’ know…FYI – the drivers side) or What do the different colored road signs indicate? (Yellow = Caution and/or Warning signs; Orange = Construction and Maintenance signs; Blue = Service signs; Green = Guide signs; Brown = PublicParks, Historical or Recreational sites. These are trivial tidbits we seldom think about unless we’re looking for a certain place.

Your awareness increases dramatically as you are now the passenger of an inexperienced driver. Trying to remain calm and provide assistance (while your life is in their hands) is not easy. Wanting to shield the new driver from the discourteousness of other drivers, you also have a strong desire to place a banner on your vehicle that reads “STUDENT DRIVER – Be NICE!”

How easy it is for us in our everyday life to make a comment about those “crazy drivers”. There are some poor drivers out there, some more aggressive than necessary and incidences of road rage – stress takes to the roadways for sure. This is why looking at driving with a different perspective can be beneficial to the new driver and those who are mentoring them. Even before they reach driving age, they are watching what you do, how you react and your behavior behind the wheel.

Over 90% of our habits are learned by the age of twenty. Children are sponges.

Let’s turn this same focus to our lifestyle and health, what habits and priorities are you demonstrating to others? Do you place much value on your health and well-being? Is your body well taken care of (properly fed/fueled, exercised, rested and cared for)? Or, are you treating your body like a “cash for clunkers” trade-in? Are you taking better care of and investing more in material items like your home, car, entertainment or vacations? Things which are short-termed, replaceable and lose their luster and value in a few years time?

I realize the economy is challenging right now. Healthcare is a hot topic but what if we begin to focus on what we WANT – Wellness! Health insurance does not insure you good health. It pays only part of your sickness costs. Insurance does not address the emotional stress and loss of quality of life brought by disease.

If you were given only ONE car in your lifetime, how well would you take care of it? Regular oil changes, new tires, filters, etc…quite a different picture isn’t it.

Well, we are given only one body folks. See the connection? The human body wants to be healthy. Our immune system responds when steps are taken to support it. Today, more than ever, people are malnourished (plenty of food intake but little nutritional value in most of it); sleep deprived; stressed out emotionally, physically and financially. Can you relate? Your body is crying out for help.

The money and time you spend toward wellness and wellness products will pay you back in great dividends with improved Quality of Life today and in the future. Our bodies are toxic and nutritionally deficient. Supplementing is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity for all ages! I’ve seen amazing results in health once the body’s nutritional deficiencies are addressed. You wouldn’t put diesel fuel in your car; yet we are continually putting the wrong fuel into our bodies and expecting the body to run smoothly and be healthy. Our food choices and lifestyle’s have consequences. Will time be your friend or foe?

One trip to the hospital could be your last; if it’s not, it could cost you several thousands of dollars. The #1 reason for bankruptcy in the US is due to health and medical costs. Ignoring these facts does not make them go away; it merely puts you at a higher risk. Be pro-active with your health; the sooner the better.

Maybe it’s time for a refresher class, like a driver’s ed class, but on how to be healthy and stay healthy while creating a wellness mindset.

Symptoms are your body’s way of communicating something is wrong. Are you ready to take action? Your teacher is looking for you and ready to guide you. Let’s do Wellness together!

Until next month…TCOY


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