Prevention magazine article: 9 harmless habits that age you. In my book (still working on it but it’s coming along quite nicely), I emphasis that TCOY, Take Care of You, is more than an phrase, it’s a lifestyle and way of life. Too often we are pushing and driving ourselves to the max and eventually, there will be consequences for doing this over and over.

SLOW DOWN during the day…even if it’s merely a 5-10 minute mini-break just to re-focus and get balanced. Get away from everyone and every distraction (TV, phone, computer, etc). CHILL for a few minutes. We all can fill our days with obligations and commitments to easily, but learning to say “NO” to others and “YES” to you and some down time can restore your energy and ability to focus better on what you do.

Ask yourself, will doing or not doing this (whatever it might be) really matter a couple years from now?

Think of the positive things (stretching, exercising, diet, resting, family time, etc) and YES they will matter. These are creating a positive influence in your life today and in the future.

Think of the negative things (worrying…which is negative goal setting by the way, smoking, tobacco use, excessive alcohol, sleep deprivation, etc) and yes they will have an impact BUT a negative one on your health and well-being.

Wellness is easy to do but easy not to do. It’s not a big profit maker so don’t expect the food companies and pharmaceuticals to motivate you to pursue it. As your friend and wellness coach, I want you to invest your time and energy in YOU because YOU ARE WORTH IT! Improve your Quality of Life and relationships by focusing on what you want, not what you don’t want. Let’s walk the wellness path together my friend. TCOY!


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