FOOD FOR THOUGHT…Getting good nutrition is not easy today.   Our world has developed many processed foods that have replaced natural foods.  One quick example is mashed potatoes.  How many households still peel the potatoes and then boil them?  Convenience may be great short-term but what is it costing us long-term? With food, it’s costing us our health in disease and obesity.

Have you seen any of the recent episodes on TV for “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution”?  Here’s a short trailer.  Sadly, most children today don’t know where foods come from…many just know fast foods and boxes.  I’m with Jamie 100% on the fact that we need to educate and inform our children, and ourselves on food, nutrition and how it impacts our health.  If not now, when?

Recently, I watched FOOD MATTERS on DVD, check out the trailer.  This is in an excellent documentary that I strong recommend watching.  If you want to know what’s wrong with our health today…Look at our food.  You are what you eat. Becoming aware is the first step. The next step is taking action with your choices and lifestyle.  Challenging, yes…but the benefits are TREMENDOUS!

Generations are passing before our eyes with little knowledge on how to fuel the body.  Take your children to the grocery story and shop the perimeter (this is where the fresh and perishable items are).  Use this as a time to connect and have  conversations with them.  Bring a recipe and let them help shop for the ingredients and prepare it.

Spring is in full gear and soon we will have local crops coming in and Farmer Markets will be held in our local towns.  Another perfect opportunity to share with the children and purchase fresh fruits and vegetables.  YUM!  Strike up a conversation with the farmers too…they love to share stories.  What a great experience all around for everyone.

Fresh or frozen produce…what retains more nutrients? Surprisingly studies have shown that frozen and fresh produce contain the same amount of nutrients — and in some cases, frozen items actually retain more of their vitamins. That’s because plants begin losing their nutrients the minute they’re picked. Freezing them… immediately means the vitamins get locked in.   Getting food in the natural state, whether fresh or frozen is the goal.

Note: Try to avoid canned fruits and vegetables as additives and preservatives are high.  Read the labels and note the sodium and sugar levels!



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