US Debt Clock

Whether you like numbers or statistics or not…I think EVERYONE needs to look at the link for US DEBT ( WOW!!!

Politicians are known for throwing out numbers. Well, this link offers a perfect opportunity to look at the BIG PICTURE of our debt and see how it’s spiraling out of control.

For many years, I’ve been a fan of The Slight Edge Book, by Jeff Olson. I encourage my clients (and you) to read it, sooner than later. The basis of the book address how CHOICES matter, especially over time and through compound interest.

The US Debt clock is showing the financial situation of choices (some ours, some the government has imposed on the tax payers). It’s not a pretty picture…especially for the future of our children.

As a Wellness Coach, I use this Slight Edge philosophy to show how simple disciplines in our lifestyle (movement, stretching, water, diet, supplementing, etc) are positive choices that pay HUGE DIVIDENDS in our Quality of Life…present and in the future. Poor choices will impact us as well, but negatively with poor health, disease and premature death. What pathway are you on? Good news, although you can’t change your destination overnight, you CAN change your direction!

TIME can either be your friend or foe…depending on your CHOICES, MINDSET and ATTITUDE. Are your ready to Create A Wellness Mindset and Lifestyle??? Who better to help you on your journey than a Wellness Coach who has been walking the walk and helping others for decades? Where do you see yourself healthwise a year from now? Five years? Ten years?

Action today will impact your tomorrows. We utilize coaches for improvement in sports, music/arts, finances, counseling. Isn’t it time you invest in YOU? Utilize my expertise and guidance …FOR THE HEALTH OF IT? Contact me for a complimentary consultation and then you decide your next more. TCOY = Take Care of You TCOY is a way of life…let me help you help yourself. Be Well and Be Strong!


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