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Each month I find a topic to discuss by sharing something which has sparked my interest or an event in my life. This month, I will focus on a crazy bird that inspired me to think differently.

Spring has sprung and the birds are singing their songs. At my house, one robin has decided to provide me a wake call by pounding her beak against the sliding glass door in my kitchen, for about fifteen minutes every morning! Peck, peck, peck…can you say annoying? I thought perhaps the sunlight was mirroring the robin’s reflection on the glass and she was trying to get to the other bird, so I closed the shades. Hmmm, the bird simply moved to my kitchen window, six feet away, and continued her effors to get inside.

The definition of INSANITY is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. This robin was a classic example of insanity!

This pattern can hold true for us in some of our daily actions. For example, if you want to lose weight but you are unwilling to change your habits (lack of exercise; drinking soda’s; eating large portions and highly processed foods) things won’t change. Only by creating new habits and way of thinking will change happen.

Or, perhaps,an unhealthy relationship or work environment is consuming you. Are you expecting things to get better – just because? It is just as hard to stay stuck as it is to do something different to get what you really want. Maybe harder. Are you STUCK in a rut and losing hope of getting out? The process is unhealthy and you are making yourself sick with the stress. Again, you have to take action for the change.

What if…

What if that robin flew just another ten feet higher or to the left? It would have flown around my house and certainly eliminated the frustration and headache of continuously pounding on the barrier that was not going to change.

What if…

What if you stepped back and looked differently at what you see as a barrier or hurdle in your life and look for different pathways … a different perspective. Are you “comfortable” and choosing to complain and accept things as they are instead of taking action and making changes in order to make things better?

Life is not about “finding yourself”, it’s about CREATING yourself and contantly growing. This month, I challenge you to step back and ask yourself: If I could change something in my life that I’m not happy with, why aren’t you doing it? Create the life you want…with no regrets! Here’s a few examples that should inspire you:

  • Visual impared but with blind ambition: Blind Artist Allan Eddy
  • April 9th, the movie will be at theatres.
  • Middle school boy with a strong desire to be part of the team: inspiring video.

If not now, WHEN? Be passionate about your life. LIVE IT and LOVE IT!

Until next month…TCOY


A Wellness coach sees your potential before you can.

Lucy is a person whom I respect not only as an athlete, but as an expert in health and wellness. Her passion for living life and helping others to live life to its fullest is very inspiring. I was on a biggest loser program and she helped me lose 17% body fat and over 16 inches. She helped change my life forever. If someone wonders if she is the real deal….she is and I have the proof!

~ Michelle Gressel, March 2010

I highly recommend Lucy and her products. I’ve never met anyone more caring and involved with each and every person that she meets! She’s extremely knowledgeable and I would recommend her unconditionally!

~ Beverly Goldstein, March 2010

Lucy is a true Wellness Champion. She exemplifies what most people would want in and advocate for wellness. She is an athlete/educator and is committed to sharing sound scientifically based wellness and nutrition information. We have worked together at several wellness workshop and training events and I am happy to call her friend.

~ John Rollins, December 2009


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