What are you seeing?

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What are you seeing?

This month, I will focus on eye sight and the gradual shift from 20/20.

When’s the last time you had an eye exam? Could you be like me, unaware of the subtle changes and what you might not be seeing?
Of our five senses, I probably cherish the sense of sight the most. Perhaps, it’s because the majority of my life I have had poor eye sight. My first pair of glasses came in fifth grade and were a must if I wanted to read anything written on the blackboard (I know, they don’t call it a blackboard anymore do they, oh well).

The summer prior to my senior year I got my first set of soft contact lenses. Wow! The benefits of playing sports and seeing 20/20 without the hassles of glasses was a joy. However, I was reminded how poor my eyesight was becoming anytime I wasn’t wearing my lenses.

I had to depend on others if I needed to see anything from a distance or to drive. This was a scary thing for me. I remember living in California and thinking: what if an earthquake hits and I can’t find my glasses or contacts? I lived 20 minutes outside of San Francisco during the 6.0 earthquake in 1989. It was very scary!

For those of you who have never needed corrective lenses, I want you to try to visualize what it would be like. Have you ever driven in the fog, not being able to see more than a few feet in front of you? How about driving in a snow or rain storm and having to focus intently just to see the road in front of you? Have you ever put on a pair of sunglasses covered with finger prints or smudge marks? Or, perhaps you remember the old 35mm camera’s with manual focus, turning the cameral lens to bring the subject into focus. We are blessed to have technologies to help us see.

Eleven years ago, I threw out my glasses and contacts after having Lasik Eye Surgery. Amazing! From horrible vision to 20/20, after a ten minutes surgery. My outlook on life was literally changed. Every day since, I am thankful for this successful procedure. For the first time I can remember, I was able to see perfectly, all the time. I was amazed and so grateful.

Recently, I noticed I was struggling with my night vision while driving, watching movies or tv. After an eye exam, I found my eye sight had diminished to 20/50 and although my sight was “ok”, I definitely needed glasses for distance again.

When the glasses came in, I was eager to notice what I was missing and accepted my sight as being “ok” for the most part. The difference was like watching tv on an old tube tv verses HDTV! This week it was fun to read the street signs out loud just because they were so crystal clear again, (LOL). When shopping, I can see the expressions on people’s faces more than ten feet from me. I love it!

The fact I once had 20/20 vision at one time, let me know how incredible perfect vision is. Over the years, my vision gradually weakened. When I finally realized my sight wasn’t as good as it had been, I quickly took action to fix the situation.

How often do we IGNORE our body telling us something is wrong? Are you covering up your body’s cries for help, symptoms, with medications or living with a lesser Quality of Life than possible?

Unfortunately, I believe many people have not experienced good health in so long, they have forgotten what it feels like to be healthy. Still worse, many children are now born with health challenges and never know what optimal health feels like.

The regret of saying “someday I’ll take my health seriously, I will lose the weight, become more active” will surface in health issues or perhaps premature death.

SEIZE the DAY! You may not be able to change your destiny overnight but you can change your direction. Don’t let your past determine your future. Create the life you want by starting with little steps and stay the course. As a Wellness Coach, I can help but you have to take action and the sooner the better.

Your life is calling. Let’s do Wellness together, for the Health of it!

Until next month…TCOY


As a Wellness coach, I see your potential before you can and support your efforts toward your goals.

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