Came across this blog post and wanted to share it: Good insight. As a former professional athlete and coach for over 30 years, I typically embrace criticism as it have advanced me in my performance and career. As a coach, I see the potential and want to inspire others to achieve their goals and yes, a bit of open criticism can transform lives. Scatoma is a term for being blind to something. For example, regarding your health, you may have a not been aware of your sugar intake impacting your body. Then you go to the doctor because of some “symptoms”. You are told you are border-line diabetic. Now you are ‘aware’ and hopefully this information/criticism will inspire you to look at your diet and begin to make some adjustments. Diet and exercise don’t fail us, we fail diet and exercise. As a Wellness Coach, I’m here to assist you and keep you accountable for taking care of you. You achieving good health is worth a little criticism, don’t you agree?


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