ABSOLUTELY! There are different types of stress: emotional, mental, physical and financial. The fact is we will always have stress in our lives, how we perceive it handle it will make all the difference in our long-term health. Many people attempt to ignore or deny it….wrong, that internalization is toxic to your health. Worrying and constantly bickering about it is also a bad choice, just more vocal. So what do I recommend?


Diet meaning…what are you FUELING your body with? Think long-term folks…convenience has a price! Fast foods have very little nutrition. We are actually a malnourished society because of our processed food diet. Don’t be fooled thinking you are saving money either…long-term, you’re not. The Cost of Being Sick is skyrocketing and 90% of disease is preventable. We are killling ourselves with our forks (google: FOOD INC). Common complications from a poor diet can include: obesity, diabetes, heart disease and a whole lot more. The SUGAR or CAFFEINE highs are followed with blood sugar drops, dehydration, fatigue, etc. We live in a “minute rice society” wanting everything NOW and ignore the long-term consequences for our choices. “Lick that Sugar Habit” is an excellent book addressing the impact of sugar on our health.

Exercise…MOVEMENT…whatever it is, just get going! Walking, stretching, dancing, sports, it doesn’t matter what it is, simply find something that fits your personality and make time to do it. If not now, when? The human body is an amazing thing. The body takes abuse, neglect and still performs for us, but time will eventually reveal your lifestyle. Where do you see yourself HEALTHWISE five years from now? If you want to have good Quality of Life, it’s best to RECALCULATE NOW verses REACT and SUFFER later.

As a Wellness Coach with almost three decades of experience in the Health and Wellness arena, I want to EMPOWER and EDUCATE how to TCOY (Take Care of You). Are you Ready? Enjoy this article:

Losing your job can make you feel lousy. Whether you’re fired or laid-off, joining the ranks of the unemployed is not exactly a feel-good event. You don’t need a study to tell you that. Read more….



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