Having a Wellness Coach is priceless.

Be the best you can be…

if not now, when?

The amount of care and dedication Lucy has put into my personal Wellness is remarkable. Not only do I consider Lucy as my Wellness Coach but a friend as well. Her follow up and enouragement is a great asset in any coach…especially a wellness coach!

~ Angela Lamb

I have worked with Lucy for several years now. She knows her products and she cares about people. As an athlete herself, she practices what she teaches. In addition, to being a real professional, Lucy is a great person and treats all of us as a friend. If you want to get a handle on wellness issues, call Lucy!”

~ Bill Perkins

I started working with Lucy in May/2009. She has been instrumental in identifying some key areas where I need to change in order to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This has included a change in my diet as well as a focus on the proper way to take care of my body. I have seen an increase in my energy level and a decrease in weight and inches around the mid-section. If you want to make a change for the better, Lucy is the right person to help you achieve your goals!!!

~ Ken Smith


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