This month, I will focus on the many benefits from LAUGHING.

Have you ever thought about why children feel happier than adults? Simply put, children laugh probably 100 times a day more than adults. Kids live in the moment. Adults get caught up in being serious or worried about “what if’s”. Today, more than ever, we need to take the time to enjoy spontaneous laughter and learn to slow down and relax. We dont stop laughing just because we grow older but we grow older because we stop laughing. Here’s a question for you to ponder: When was the last time you really laughed uncontrollably?

Ironically, I was blessed with not one, but three such outbursts in the last week. Wow! What a great release! The benefits lasted all week. Even better, I have the memory to draw on at anytime and that brings me right back to the moment it happened. Priceless.

Laughter makes people healthier because it makes any negative thought and attitude disappear.Since childhood, I’ve been a bit of a character, (voted “Class Clown” my senior year – Validictorian was already taken, so adjustments had to be made). LOL (Laugh Out Loud). Remember the old saying, “He who laughs last, laughs least.” This is no time to procrastinate, start laughing at the world, for the health of it!

Change your attitude, change your life!

From a medical perspective, laughter is very useful. Study’s have found that laughter is equivalent to a small amount of exercise. It massages all the organs of body. People who like laughing will feel healthier and even younger than others who hardly ever laugh. Laughter helps reduce depression with it’s positive energy flow. Remember times when you’ve laughed so hard that: your stomach hurt; you couldn’t talk; couldn’t catch your breathe; you start crying with uncontrolable joy; or for the ladies, you cross your legs or ran to the rest room because the “bladder organ” was getting an ‘intense’ workout. What a hoot! The majority of have learned that people remember and respond to humor. Kids are probably our best resource for humor. How can you not smile at this so enthusiastically?!

In physiology, laughter disarms tension and stress. Laughter will also provide a positive emotional connection between two people. Laughter is the shortest distance between two people. It helps build relationships easily.

People who like laughing will also feel acceptable in any condition. They never look at others as challengers but rather as friends. We don’t remember days, we remember moments. I am certain each of us has had a good belly laugh with any one we’ve been very close too. Laughter is an emotional attachment that makes life brighter and happier.

My TCOY challenge is for all of us to add more laugher into the day. Consider calling up an old friend and chatting about some good times you shared. What a great break in the day! They will certainly appreciate you taking the time to reconnect. Let’s slow down and seize the day. Today is a gift, it’s called “the present”. We benefit, if we take the time to nuture our bodies. Laughter is a universal language.

The Law of Attraction states “you attract what you think about”. Are you feeling stressed out? Change your thinking…watch humorous movies, TV shows, play games with small/young children because they are the masters laughing; check out YouTube (always some silly stuff on there), read the comics, remember or share a few of those embarrassing moments (oh yes, we all have those!). LOL = Laugh Out Loud!

Below are a few links. I highly recommend you watch, share and save.

***I LOVE LUCY… (23% alcholol…it’s so tasty too, lol)
(humor that has no language barrier)

***Carol Burnett… – HILARIOUS!

***Steve Martin… – the funny shower scene

***Sandra Bullock in (trailer) – Lot’s of laughs in this movie



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