Health Freedom Act…

The Voice of the Natural Health Consumer

In the past few years, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and State Attorneys General have warned, fined, jailed, shut down, threatened, and maligned hundreds of companies not on the basis of customer complaints, but solely on the basis of expressed or implied claims that these companies made to cure, treat, mitigate, or prevent disease conditions.

The first bill, the Health Freedom Act, would end the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s efforts to censor truthful health claims. The second bill, the Freedom of Health Speech Act, would require the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to prove that health claims are false before it takes action to stop manufacturers and marketers from making the claims.

Today over 100 million people use dietary supplements. The FDA, which is funded in large part by pharmaceutical companies and their research dollars, in cooperation with the FTC and State Attorneys General, have worked diligently to search for companies recommending dietary supplements for disease conditions by combing websites on the internet. They have fined companies in some cases millions of dollars, putting many out of business.

This is one of the many ways that the FTC and FDA prohibit the public from getting sound information that can improve their health. This is the problem that HR 3394 (The Freedom of Health Speech Act) and HR 3395 (The Health Freedom Act) are designed to eliminate.

You have the right to know the truth about dietary supplements’ usefulness in improving health.That is why Citizens for Health urges passage of HR 3394 (The Freedom of Health Speech Act) and HR 3395 (The Health Freedom Act), and why we urge you to click here to write your representative today and ask him/her to become a cosponsor.

Thank you for taking action in support of this critical legislation.


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