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We’re all aware of the power of networking and the recent BUZZ in the past couple years has been SOCIAL MEDIA. Recently, I read the book “CRUSH IT”. I recommend it as it give great insight into the use of this media and how it has changed our world.

Like the majority of people over 40, I fought Social Media but a couple years ago I began utilizing it and now I am a fan of it. The key, like anything, is understanding it and balancing your time and efforts. Ask yourself, who is your market and who do you want to reach. Is this a social tool for you to connect with old school buddies? Are you looking to increase your circle of influence? Are you interested networking for business or business opportunities? Have a plan and follow-thru.

For me, I wanted to increase my circle and what a great impact being connected on FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter has made! As a matter of fact, I can cover all three of these with a post when I go to (how cool is that!). So don’t be overwhelmed and put your head in the sand….Social Media is here to stay and the fact that there is no cost for the three sites I mentioned above is priceless. My blessing was finding and hiring the right Social Media person to guide me (Bethany Spilde, CEO of Social Buzz Media). As a coach myself, I know the power that resides in finding the right teacher/mentor.

Here’s a marketing view for non-profits: blog article on Social Media. I thought I’d share.

Just like in coaching racquetball and WELLNESS, I emphasis to my clients: You need to be prepared, practice, ask questions and follow-thru on your strategic plan. Be up for the challenge, then will you be able to see
new visions and have new experiences. We’re not still listening to records or 8-tracks…communication has also dramatically changed. The only thing certain in life is change. With that… TCOY!


Be Well & Be Strong!
Remember to Take Care of You!


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