Soups on!

I love soup all year round but even more so during the winter months. Although I’m know for just “creating” my own soups by adding this and that and not measuring, it doesn’t make it easy to share. So, here’s a WHITE CHILI recipe I found that I thought sounded good and looks easy to make too.

If you are a recipe collector and have some to share, please do so. I’m happy to use my BLOG as a “Pay it Forward” venue.

The one thing I have learned is making soups is pretty simple and you don’t want all the additives and preservatives that come in the canned soups. For example, chicken noodle soup is merely a matter of boiling some water, adding bouillon (I am picky about that part, get the good stuff), chicken or turkey, carrots and maybe celery. That’s it! And you’ll have enough for a number of servings. Better than paying $4 or $5 for a bowl at a restaurant and tastes great too.

Soups on…come and get it!

You don’t need to be sick to get better.
Remember to Take Care of You!


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