Interesting Beds…

There are many pieces to the WELLNESS puzzle. Along with diet and exercise, REST is one of the BIG pieces. If you doubt that, think of how challenging simple tasks can become when you are sleep deprived. Yet, in our busy world, we find ourselves burning the candle at both ends and getting less sleep. In the process, we become less focused, more stressed, more irritable and more prone to health issues.

So for fun, I thought you might like to look at a link of some interesting beds. Make an effort to get more rest in 2010…in the process, you’ll likely find you are getting more things accomplished and at a better quality. The body repairs and restores itself to balance while we rest. If you continue to short-change it, you will eventually see the consequences. Grab a 15-20 minute power nap on occassion too…TCOY!


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