Need some inspiration?

Kutless (a great inspirational song) click on the title

Faith and belief not only act as powerful agents in achieving our dreams, they keep us centered, calm and present to ourselves and our lives. When we have faith and belief that our dreams are coming to us, we never hurry.

Hurry is a manifestation of fear. Fear is based on doubt and lack of belief. Fear, doubt and lack of belief are based on an ignorance that God will provide.

Stay connected with the truth of who you are. Listen for the “still, small voice” of your intuition to tell you what to do. When you get the message, then act! Don’t worry about what others think. They are probably far more interested in what people are thinking about them than they are in judging you.

Faith and belief give you the strength and confidence and prevent you from “hurrying.” Stay the course, persistence prevails.

Whether it be in health/wellness, finances and relationships, challenges will occur. Change is a constant in life but a solid foundation and faith determines a pathway of harmony and success.




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  1. James Ray is a great speaker who is full of passion and good insight. We share many of the same ideas. I shared some of his wording mixed with my own in my post above and wanted to acknowledge this.

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