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The Power of Three!

This month, I will focus on THE POWER of THREE. The most treasured things in life are our relationships. We all need and desire to be loved. Because a picture paints a thousand words I will let this short video clip demonstrate the power of love: . Baxter freely gives unconditional love to all who will accept it.I’m confident you have heard the terms: “two are better than one” and “double the joy and divide the sorrow”. The analogy is that there is strength and encouragment in numbers. One of my favorite sayings is, “A cord of three strands is not quickly broken”. Although there are different versions, this comes from Ecclesiastes 4:12. Visualize a braid of rope or twine. One strand frays easily but three combined and braided are incredibly strong and durable.

Modern technology is amazing, giving us more ways to connect and communicate; yet, there is an enormous amount of loneliness, isolation and depression in our world. We have an incredibly high divorce rate, families do not communicate and, sadly, many people feel they have no one, or perhaps only one or two people they can truly confide in. We all need companionship, friends and people who will be there through the good, the bad and the ugly… a deeper type of fellowship.

The economic turmoil has unleashed a huge burden of stress – financial, physical and emotional. Now, more than ever, we must realize we cannot go it alone because one strand will grow weary and break. Stress has become a major factor in poor health. However, given the support, love and nurturing of three people (or more), we are stronger and can accomplish more.

Relationships are truly what matters most; if you doubt that, visit someone in Hospice or a hospital. No one wants “things” in their final hours – we want to be surrounded by loved ones…the people who shared LIFE with us.

Our hearts long to love and be loved, at any age. Sometimes we choose to close ourselves off after being hurt and put up barriers and hold on to negative emotions. It’s important to realize, the person holding on to the pain and bitter memories is the one who continues to suffer. Let it go! Hate is a prison and only love can set you free. Energy flows where your thoughts go. Draw yourself into the positive, for your own well-being and health.

Find positive, like-minded people and create a strong cord of three or more. Sometimes you will be inspired by another and at other times, you will be the one who inspires. It begins by creating your mindset, be the friend you would like to have.

Can you list the 10 wealthiest individuals in the world? How about 6 Heisman Trophy winners? Maybe 8 people who have won the Nobel Prize? Hmmmmm….let’s try another area…

Name 3 people with whom you enjoy spending time. List 5 friends who have been there to provide support in tough times. Name 3 teachers or coaches who inspired and influenced you.

Do you see the difference? We remember moments and people who were there for us. The following Albert Einstein quote addresses this perfectly: “Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted.” Ponder on that for a moment.

Time to tune into the most POPULAR radio station WII FM: (What’s in it for me?)

Your health improves when you are connected with others. From laughter to tears, LIFE is fuller when it is shared. Open your mind, heart and arms. Things will not satisfy for very long but love will. The point of life is love. People are what matter.

What kind of legacy do you want to leave ()? Our culture tends to get caught up in striving for material riches and we end up “EMOTIONALLY POOR”. Invest in relationships and you will be weatlthy beyond measure. Personally, I love a frigerator door full of pictures and love to greet my friends with hugs!

In closing, I have two songs to share; James Taylor’s and the would be a happy ending. Yet, because life is full of ups and down…here are some entertaining bloopers from the TV hit show

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life, whether as your Wellness Coach, friend or mentor. I feel blessed for the priviledge and my life is full of WEALTH because of the honor.May your HOLIDAY SEASON be surrounded with the love of family and friends. Thought for the day: New friends are just a smile and conversation away!

Be Strong & Be Well

Until next month . . . TCOY!


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