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Immediate Gratification

Today, we live in a “minute rice” society. We want what we want and we want it NOW. Unfortunately, in efforts to meet our demands, we often sacrifice quality, especially when it comes to our food. With such a “convenient and fast-food mindset”, it is important to realize that our food is now over 90% processed. Much of the nutrition has been lost and this has definitely impacted our health.

In the summer months, I’m able to walk outside to my garden, which I planted a few months ago, and pick delicious fruit and vegetables. The small bite-size cherry tomatoes are like candy to me, so much flavor burst in your mouth upon biting into them. The reason I grow so many plants is because I enjoy sharing the great taste of ‘fresh’ tomatoes with others who may not have a garden. I’ll admit, I’ve become somewhat of a tomato snob since I began growing my own. There is no comparison. Seriously, if you’re a tomato lover, you know I speak the truth.

There was no ‘immediate gratification’ for these lovely tomatoes…it took almost 90 days, but it was so worth it! All that was required: the plant, soil, sun and watering. Add some Miracle-Grow and BAM…given time, daily fresh food is provided over and over throughout the summer months.

Our bodies are much like this too. We need air, water, food (in place of soil), sunshine and like the addition of Miracle Grow…some quality supplements. Twenty years ago, I would have shrugged off the need for the supplements. Now,I won’t go a day without them. My body thanks me everyday by allowing me to have the Quality of Life I desire.

What about you? Are you giving your body what it needs or are you expecting something from nothing? Wellness isn’t a given, it’s a journey. You have to plant, then cultivate and then harvest…not just plant then harvest. The body wants to be healthy but needs some support.

Whatever your goals or dreams, realize the time spent achieving them is ultimately what makes them more memorable and worthwhile. Yes, it’s nice to be given something without effort but recall a time in your life when you had to work toward something…be it an event, school degree, a relationship or an award. We celebrate accomplishments because it showed a commitment.

“Immediate gratification” has no long-term meaning. If it was easily obtained, it can easily be replaced with a new desire. The difference of fullfillment is in the COMMITMENT rather than interest.

What’s the difference between being ‘interested’ and ‘committed’? Being INTERESTED, you’ll do it if convenient, whereas COMMITTED means you will do whatever it takes. This is why it is CRUCIAL for a goal to be an internal desire. You are more apt to go the distance. External motivations will fade, you can easily be distracted or disenchanted, thus failure results. Yet, with an internal fire of desire, anyone has the ability to move mountains and succeed at anything…persistence prevails.

Take it from the scrawny baby of ten siblings who wanted to be a professional athlete and national speaker (do you really think growing up anyone ever listened to me?). You have to visualize it first and then feed off that dream, day after day, even when it feels like nothing is happening – it is!

Be Empowered by the fact that YOU can make anything happen and know that ANYTHING worth any true value TAKES TIME. Aim for more than just “Immediate Gratification”…You’re worth it!

The only place success will preceed work is in the dictionary. Below are three links I wanted to share with you about this journey. Do what you must, even when you don’t “feel” like it.

One more thing, as you’re driving by schools, notice the soccer and football practices taking place. These kids are learning how to be champions. It’s not about the winning, it’s about the lessons they are learning along the way. Remind yourself to go the distance…for the health of it!

– The theme song takes you back doesn’t it! Rocky’s commitment was internal, failure wasn’t an option! Great inspiration. There’s a world waiting for you – go make your mark!

– My daughter shared this up and coming artist with me. I love the simple home footage. Lot’s of hours practicing and now she’s reaping the rewards. Overnight success? Not if you ask her…more like years of dedication paying off. Follow your passions …it brings happiness.

– I enjoyed this recently released movie about Julia Child, chef. It portrays the commitment, discipline and emotions that go with pursuing a long-term goal. Frustration, self-doubt, fear…all try to keep you from starting or achieving. The difference in success and failure – do it til it happens!

Be Strong & Be Well

Until next month . . . TCOY!


I’m honored to be a Team Mannatech athlete & spokesperson. We are athletes that look forward to showing others how they too can live their dreams and be the best they can be.

In a world full of advertising hype, isn’t it great to know that over 200 athletes are endorsing clean products simply because they work and want you to know about them as well?

Here’s a link: ; check out the team, the scientific studies and more.

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