August Newsletter 2009

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This month’s focus is ‘VACATIONS’. Summer is in full swing, people are taking their well-anticipated and planned vacations. Maybe it’s a family getaway, reunion, a historical or sight-seeing trip, or a romantic getaway. Whatever the case, I think it’s safe to say that all vacations require planning.

Ironically, I think people spend more time planning their vacations than planning out their health and wellness for their lives.

Vacations take us away from routines, stress and bring thoughts of fun and relaxation…ahh, the good life!  Calgon take me away…

We plan our escape and work double-time before leaving, hoping to “de-stress” for a few days with rest, relaxation and FUN!

I like to emphasis to people, everything will take a distant second if you’re suffering from poor health.  So why not make your health a priority in your life?  By creating a health & wellness mindset, thus lifestyle, you will enjoy everyday to it’s fullest with improved Quality of Life.

Visualize yourself vacationing in your dream vacation.  See yourself experiencing all the activities you love. Feel the lightness of no stress or health issues or pain. Engage all five of your senses and attach some emotions into this vision.

One of my FAVORITE things in life is experiencing a deep down belly laugh. You know the type…you can’t stop laughing, your eyes tear up, and your stomach actually hurts because of the intense laughter.

Remember times that made you laugh like that and cherish them, replay these memories over and over. Laughter is good medicine!

Click on:

A mini-vacation can be as simple as a mental memory or replaying a humorous video, like the one mentioned above. Break the tension and stress, it costs you nothing; yet is priceless.  Here’s to your health.

Be Strong * Be Well

Watch a baby or child laugh. You’ll find yourself laughing too.  Go ahead, take a minute…it’s well worth it.

Next time you find yourself maxed out with stress, tension and demands of life…take a break. Close your eyes and take a 30-second mental mini-vacation, breathe deeply and exhale slowly. REPEAT 3-4x’sMilton Berle, comedian, says it well: “Laughter is an instant vacation.”

Until next month . . .  TCOY!



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  1. Enjoyed your article. The “mini vacation” suggestion was a good one! Look forward to more.

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