March Newsletter

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Luck or Preparation?

This month my topic is ‘Preparation’. In March, we celebrate “the luck of the Irish” on St. Patrick’s day; therefore, I thought what a great discussion for this month. How often we say “Good Luck” to others in the course of a week. The intent and goodwill associated with this is genuine and I believe the positive energy can have some impact; however, is it really about luck?

Last month, the world witnessed an amazing and ever so rare occurrence on the Hudson River. Captain Sullenberger landed US Airway Flight 1549 on the water avoiding nearby Manhattan. With over 40 years of flying experience, I believe it was his years of PREPARATION that saved those lives. During the few minutes before the water landing, Captain Sullenberger relied heavily on his decades of experience and skills to perform such an incredible landing. All 150 lives were saved because this man and the crew were prepared.

Our economy is currently facing many challenges and thousands upon thousands are now dealing with serious financial, emotional and health issues. Sadly, I believe this is just the start and tougher times are ahead. Now more than ever, we need to become disciplined, determined and take action. It’s important to realize this crisis did not happen overnight and it will not recover overnight. The truth is things happen gradually over time.

Simple daily disciplines or simple errors in judgment compounded over time will either promote or expose the situation. This is true in all aspects of life.

Regarding your health, disease does not randomly happen. You are sick long before you ‘feel’ sick. This is why it is so critical not to assume you are healthy because of how you “feel” today. Wellness is much more than lack of “sickness”; it’s about Quality of Life, being full of vitality and energy. Granted people are living longer today but with what level of health?

Embrace the fact that you control your health and your destiny. Prepare today for your future by realizing diet, exercise and attitude do matter. Do the daily disciplines, reap the benefits, making time your friend not your foe.

Be Strong * Be Well Lucy


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