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Happy New Year!

This month I would like to focus on ‘change’.  As another year unfolds, time quietly reveals what most fail to realize on a day to day basis, change is a constant in our lives.  If you live life with the attitude and thought of “some day, I’ll…” you will have many regrets.  My desire is to empower people to realize life is not a dress rehearsal and waiting for happiness, good fortune and special things to happen is a big waste of time.  Seize the day!

Each day is a gift (in the dictionary the ‘present’ is a noun for either ‘time’ or a ‘gift’).  We CANNOT change the past, and the future has yet to happen.  The great enlightenment is you CAN change the future if you CHANGE your present. Do you find yourself dreading a situation? Do you find yourself dredging through the days or week longing to get to the weekend or a vacation day?  What if you changed your perspective; thereby changing your outlook. People typically change due to either inspiration or desperation.

Inspiration – many are inspired with the start of a new year to make changes.  My only concern is too often the changes are so dramatic that they are short lived. If your goal is to workout or lose weight, find someone to share this goal with – an accountability partner.  This way when that little voice inside says “oh whatever, it won’t matter if you do this or don’t do this or skip a day or two”; you’ll have someone to help you stay the course.  Three people can really help each other to obtain and maintain focus on their goals.

Desperation – receiving sad news about someone’s health or your own health can really turn the tables and create change. Instead of waiting to see what the future will bring, I encourage you to think about the future NOW. Ask yourself: what does my future look like if I don’t make any changes? With healthcare cost skyrocketing, obesity and weight issues dominating our society and increasing health issues, thereby compromising quality of life…am I going to become another statistic of the ‘sickcare’ industry or am I going to be part of the Wellness Revolution?

We’ve all experienced change in our lives. How have you responded?  Did you look at it as a growing experience and make the most of it or dread it? Think of a time in your life where you had a big change, whether it is a relocation, relationship or perhaps a career change.  Stress definitely enters the picture and that stress impacts your health greatly.  During stressful times be aware of some “life suckers” that typically occur:  poor eating habits (over or under eating), increased drug and alcohol consumption, lack of exercise, sleep deprivation, and a number of other things. On the other hand, if you can embrace change and know that like a roller coaster, there will be highs and lows, you are prepared and the impact on your mental and physical being will be much less dramatic.

Support your body with exercise, sleep, eat well and I strongly encourage supplementation.  My personal experiences have lead me to highly recommend the Mannatech product PLUS which supports our endocrine system, for our glands and hormones. With 87 different glands regulating our body, it’s a pretty safe bet to say most of us are deficient and out of balance and would greatly benefit from some nutritional support in this area.  My motto is:  if you’re ever feeling “negative” take some “PLUS”…it works! Your body is screaming for help – listen to it and work with it.

Change is a constant in our lives and each person has the power to choose how it will affect them.  The question is: are you going to react negatively when change occurs or will you let change become an opportunity to grow?

Be Strong * Be Well

Until next month . . . TCOY!



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