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November: Time

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This month I would like to focus on TIME. We all have the same amount of hours and minutes in a day, month and a year; however, what we do with our time makes all the difference in the world in our lives.

“One thing you cannot recycle is wasted time.”

We all need and benefit from rest and relaxation – that is not what I’m referring to.  What I am bring awareness to is how we let “time” (years) go by neglecting our health, finances and relationships.

The book, The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson, which I’ve reference in a past newsletter, offers great insight into doing small things over time.  I have copies of the book plus it is also available in audio-CD’s. Simply contact me if you would like to purchase it at a special price,

A great thing to remember:  Time can be your friend or enemy…it will either ‘promote’ or ‘expose’ you.  Read that again. Time is not the bad guy. It’s actually what you do or don’t do over time. It’s your personal responsibility and doing nothing will result in a negative outcome.

“Neglect starts out as an infection then becomes a disease.”

There is no “overnight success” and anything of value takes time.  So as you go through your days, realize that doing something ONCE won’t make a difference today, but over time, it will impact you positively or negatively.

Look back at how fast last month went by, or last year. For me, the realization that my daughter is a Freshman is a real eye-opener. Watching children get older, whether they are yours or others, is a wake up call to how fast time goes by while we are caught up in our daily routines. Suddenly, years have gone by.

My advice to you, don’t assume you are healthy because you’re not sick or fail to invest in your wellness.  Heart disease claims the lives of hundreds of thousands each year with the FIRST symptom…a stroke.  Become pro-active! Over 90% of disease is preventable a few adjustments today can make profound impact on your Quality of Life now and for your future.

Visit my website: and read what a few clients who followed my lead are saying. Click the Community tab, then testimonials.  This is why I’m so passionate – assisting others improve their quality of life is priceless!

I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and encourage you to use this time to reflect on your past, enjoy the present and take steps now to make your future full of health, wealth and strong relationships.

My Holiday Recommendation: During the holiday season, watch a movie the whole family will enjoy: The ULTIMATE Gift, rent it or better yet, buy it! The story is amazing…Here’s the trailer for the movie.

Be Strong *  Be Well

Until next month… TCOY!

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