October: Remodeling

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This month I would like to focus on REMODELING.

Yes, once again, my personal life has provided me insight for my newsletter.  Last month, my washing machine hose BURST and a 2-3 inch slit provided a fountain of water to gush out, flooding my basement. Within 15  minutes I had three inches of water on the floor.

I am so fortunate I was home and was able to shut the water off fairly quick, but what a sight to behold.

Special note – if you have the old rubber hoses – go buy the metal type ASAP.  I have now learned that a rubber hose bursting is not all that uncommon, so benefit from my experience and save yourself the nightmere.

Due to the water damage, I had to purge many things, tear down all the walls and start over with new drywall to be hung as well as changing the flooring and ceiling.  A large project but the good news, it will be nice to have a newly updated basement and I’m wiser because of it.

Have you ever realized that it’s either INSPIRATION or DESPERATION that gets us to act or change? It’s true! Human nature is to stay in our “comfort zones” until something either inspires us or we are thrown into a situation in which we must act.  Do you see where I’m going with this story yet?

Are you waiting for a CRISIS to hit before you take action and become proactive in your health? Or are you starting to realize that your health today and in the future is determined by your personal choices (good or bad).

Your lifestyle is creating your health or lack of health.    I want to make something perfectly clear, having Health Insurance does NOT insure you good health!  We are killing ourselves with our forks and lack of exercise…it does not happen overnight, though many  wonder “how did this happen to me, I thought I was healthy.”

Being healthy is much more than being symptom-free and you can’t rely 100% on how you “feel”. Don’t ASSUME you are healthy! Take steps toward wellness and stick with it for six months and your life will forever been changed.    A wellness program is like remodeling your body. It is a process and it takes time.

Take my TCOY 90-day challenge.

The years of abuse and neglect cannot be fixed overnight; however, every day, a little effort can bring positive change and things will improve over time.   You are given only one body in your life and though it’s great to have the medical breakthroughs that can replace organs and limbs, it’s best to maintain the originals whenever possible. Also, rid the body of the extra weight and toxins.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life – seize the opportunity to remodel your body.   End 2008 on an upswing. Start your wellness program and new mindset today; welcome 2009 with a new you!

Do this with a friend…for the Health of it!  Then, show off a newly remodeled you in the new year.

Be Strong *  Be Well   Until next month… TCOY!



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