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September: Lost Dog

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This month I would like to focus on my recent “LOST DOG” story.

Have you ever had a pet or child run off and you scramble to look for them?  Not a good feeling!   Last week, my dog got out of my fenced backyard and although I scanned the neighborhood for three hours, no sign of her and no one had even seen her.

In desperation, I ran off over a hundred flyers and headed out with friends and neighbors assisting me as we drove around and posted the “LOST DOG” flyers everywhere within a mile radius of my home.   Friends supported me during my emotional crisis and with their support, it helped ease my stress and burden.   It was a long night.

The next morning I received a call that my Zoey had been turned in.  I went down and bailed her out.  Thank GOODNESS for pet micro chipping. I encourage everyone to do this to your pets…it worked for my dog – A very happy ending.

If you’re wondering where I’m going with this story… well, why is it we take things for-granted so often until we lose them?  My point – your health is typically not something many people think about until a symptom or sickness occurs or a disease is diagnosed. When a crisis happens, it’s scary and we will act sooner than later, because with our health, it can be life or death.

Over 90% of disease is preventable!

We may be living longer today, but with what Quality of Life? Our future health is greatly dependent on what we do today – it’s our personal responsibility.  Your choices in diet, exercise, stress (mental, physical and emotional), in general, your lifestyle – will impact your health in the years to come.  Whether it is good or poor is up to you.

I encourage you to be pro-active in you lifestyle choices and take little steps today to benefit your future.  Prove to yourself how the body will thrive when given the attention and nutrition it needs.

With just four months left in 2008, are you ready to move toward wellness? I am here to  offer my assistance once you are and with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Time can be your friend. Let’s get  started sooner than later.  Consider sharing wellness with a friend too…for the Health of it!

Be Strong *  Be Well   Until next month… TCOY!


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