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2014 July bridge JOURNEY bwMy life’s personal journey and career experiences as a former professional athlete and coach (30+ years) have taught me a lot about the human body, commitment, choices and discipline.  LIVING WELL

Think back to someone who has blessed you as a mentor. Coaches, teachers, and mentors provide  insight and guidance through knowledge and expertise.  With decades of experience of living the TCOY (take care of you) lifestyle, my clients are empowered and endorse my coaching due to the outcome based results.  LinkedIn profile    Inspiring Well-Being

My TCOY philosophy is to focus on total well-being:  Mind, Heart, and Body.  Simple disciplines or errors in judgment over time will reveal themselves in life.   Where you spend you time, energy, and money reveals your priorities.  As a coach, we work together and I challenge you to take inventory and make the changes as needed.  The bond between a coach and client is one of respect and commitment.

Are you taking care of everyone but you? A valuable lesson people need to be reminded of is:  “take care of you”; thus “TCOY”.  We can be of little help to ourselves or others if our personal health fails.

Someday is another word for procrastination.  In regards to your well-being, the sooner you begin to take care of your body, the better off you will be. If not now, when? When you create a mindset for wellness, your lifestyle changes and your Quality of Life improves. Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.  What pathway are you choosing? All things are possible!

Are you overwhelmed by demands on your time, choices to make and simply do nothing. WARNING:  choosing to do nothing is a choice too. Avoidance is not a solution nor the answer when it comes to your health and it can cost you your life!

Change your thinking ~ change your life.  Focus on what you want in your life and take action to receive it. Neither wellness nor sickness occur over night, they are a result of choices over time.  Your daily choices become habits; those habits can be a blessing or curse as time passes.  ACTION REQUIRED – Your health is my business!  Start creating a better YOU from this day forward.

Some excuses that can cost you your life:

*I just can’t change.
*I feel pretty good right now.
*I don’t have the time or energy.
*I am not sick, so I’m healthy.  Right?
*I can’t afford it, my budgets too tight.
*I have more important things to think about and do.
*I get confused and overwhelmed about where to begin.

I welcome the opportunity to provide guidance for sustainable wellness and more joy in life.   If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?  

TCOY = Take Care of You!

Coach Lucy





Consultation 3









You Don’t Have To Be Sick To Get Better!

It’s Not About Gender

PHOTO - Been there, Done that

Times change.  A stereotype in the healthcare field, education or coaching from fifty years ago would be vastly different than today.  Seek to CONNECT with the person, male or female, who you connect with.  From that connection, you will grow and develop from the inside out.  All true change happens from the insight.

The TV series KUNG FU spoke to me in my youth and taught many life lessons.  This is often why I still refer to my clients as “grasshopper”, simply because they are grasping new ideas as I mentor them. 



TCOY Racquetball and TCOY Wellness focus on principals that are both practical and sustainable.  My coaching passion comes from walking the journey for many decades.  Nothing of true value in life happens over night, it is a process and journey. 

Are you ready to enhance your Well-Being?

Are you ready to learn or develop your racquetball game (from beginner to advanced)?

Coach Lucy is in!

Consultation 3 Paola and Lucy 2014 LPRT

In the news: 

U.S. OPEN Tennis Coaching


a hand and heart

No man is an island (by 10th Ave. North) is an inspirational song. We are social creatures, so be more social…for the health of it! Three simple ways to create happiness for yourself and others.  

1. Greet people. Common sense I know but people still tell me all the time that they feel ignored by others. People believe that they greet others, but I encourage you to monitor yourself over the next couple of weeks and really make sure that you do. You need to say “Hello,” “Hi,” “Good morning,” or offer a similar greeting to people you know and to people you don’t know. The person that you say “hello” to may be feeling overwhelmed and your ray of cheer could break the negative thought process.  POSITIVE INTERRUPT… I like it!

2. Make some small talk. You don’t need to know people’s life stories, but a little small talk can help establish a connection between people. Use “safe” topics. You can talk about the weather (front-page stories such as hurricanes generally have more appeal), traffic, common experiences, travel, sports (if everyone is interested), entertainment (movies, plays), holiday celebrations, upbeat business news, vacations, current events (cautiously), or family activity.  A sincere smile and compliment are treasures you can give to anyone and any time, so be a generous bank of smiles and compliments.

3. Offer to help, when you can. Why not offer to help when you can? If someone (male or female) is struggling with packages or simply holding the door open for them…assisting that person is a nice thing to do.

You will find as you look back upon your life, that the moments when you really lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love. 

Be bold in life…live each day as if it is a gift, because it is. Take chances, because life is all about chances.  Those that take chances are the one’s who will live a more abundant life.  Enjoy the journey!  TCOY … Coach Lucy

2014 July bridge JOURNEY bw


Are you ready to change

How do you respond to change? Is your initial reaction to change negative? Seek to embrace a positive mindset through a training process of seeing good and growth resulting from change.

Learning how to deal with change reduces emotional and physical stress; thereby allowing you to enjoy life even during the transitional stages.  Since change is inevitable, the best offense is a strong defense.

Being prepared and knowing how you respond when stressful situations arise allows you to PAUSE and divert the possible “runaway train wreck” by taking a time-out to regroup.  This is a training process and there will be times the past reactions will beat out the new behavior.  That’s ok, this is when we ask for a “do over”.   Rather than beating yourself up on what you didn’t do, find favor in what you did do and then continue on.  Life is a journey of many races.  Be encourage rather than defeated.

Joan Lunden’s book, A Bend In The Road, is a reminder we can’t stop changes from occurring, but we can control how we react to them.

PHOTO - a bend in the road


Are you interested in learning how to develop the TAKE CARE OF YOU mindset, philosophy and lifestyle?  Contact me and register for the TCOY Wellness Experience.  This 4-week on-line coaching includes a personal consultation along with real life direction on enhancing your well-being (mind, heart and body).  Your life is calling…if not now, when?  Take Care of You…Coach Lucy

“There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power of our will.” Epictetus

A Life of Fulfillment

a sunset in CA - shea's back

How does one live a life of fulfillment?

Don’t fall in love with boredom ~ experience life!  Coach Lucy 

 a hero is

Excerpts from My Secrets to Resilience -

 -Sallie Krawcheck

I believe that what I’m doing matters. 

I recognize how fortunate I am.

I feel a responsibility to the people who’ve helped me.

I listen to the critics, I course-correct, but I don’t dwell. 

I’ve loved my jobs. 





We all know that hope is a good thing, even an essential thing: there is no life without hope, or so the saying goes. Psychologists believe hope might be the most important feeling, state, or emotion we can experience. Their studies show that hope is key to good health, the best predictor of a meaningful existence, and an indicator of academic and athletic performance. LINK

HOPE is Our Most Powerful Predictor of Well-Being

a catipillar has hope

Learn the TCOY Philosophy and Way of Life.  As your coach, I enjoy empowering and enriching your well-being.  Contact me for group or one-on-one coaching sessions.

TCOY = Take Care of You!

Are you tired?  Are you feeling like JOY is far from your life?

REBOOT and learn the TCOY (Take Care of You) Philosophy for Well-Being.


30 second intro

If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?

The first step is awareness and then taking action.

Let me help you UNLOCK your potential!

a little key

NEW GROUP SESSIONS are starting.

Don’t procrastinate. Your life is calling and if not now, when?

Coach Lucy

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